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Home Suture pads Suture pad №5
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Тренажёр №5

Article: 1005
Universal trainer 2 in 1.
This trainer is ideal for practicing basic sewing skills. The incisions of this simulator are designed in such a way that you can study and train all the sutures necessary for the surgeon in various conditions (on incisions of various shapes and sizes). You can also use the back of the trainer as a single layer trainer without incisions.
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1 725 р.
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Suture pad №5 is made of silicone, which mimics the properties of leather as closely as possible. It is ideal for practicing basic skills. Various types of pre-cut cuts will help you work out all the necessary seams. The depth of the cuts is 13 mm. The 1 cm thickness of the back side also allows this part of the simulator to be used as a stand-alone simulator without incisions.

The compact size of the pad makes it mobile and convenient for training anywhere. The material is strong and durable: there are imperceptible marks on it after exercise and you will use it again and again for a long time! The material is easy to clean and does not get your hands dirty.

Product characteristics:

• length - 170 mm

• width - 120 mm

• height - 23 mm

Since all items are handcrafted, there may be slight deviations in weight and size.

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