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Home Sets Set №3
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The set includes the suture pad # 3 and a set of surgical instruments and a set of 3 needles of different sizes.
В наличии!
3 074 р.
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Suture pad №3 is divided into 4 equal sections (blocks) measuring 8x8 cm: 3 of them are equipped with pre-made cuts (straight lines of the same length with an equal gap; straight lines of different length and width; zigzag of the same length and width), 1 section, the so-called zero a block where you can make cuts yourself and sew them up. The depth of the cuts is 13 mm.

The compact size of the pad makes it mobile and convenient for training anywhere. The material is strong and durable: there are imperceptible marks on it after exercise and you will use it again and again for a long time! The material is easy to clean and does not get your hands dirty.


Product characteristics:

• shape - square

• dimensions - 170x170mm

• height - 20 mm

• weight ≈ 500 g

As all machines are handcrafted, weights and dimensions may vary slightly.


A set of tools manufactured by Pakistan.


The set includes:

• needle holder

• tweezers

• scissors

• surgical scalpel with plastic handle


The gift includes 3 rechargeable needles of different sizes and 2 threads

The appearance of the product may differ from the illustrations presented in the online store.


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