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Home Sets Set №5
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The set includes a sewing simulator №5, a set of surgical instruments and a set of three needles of different sizes.
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2 881 р.
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Suture pad №5 is made of silicone, which mimics the properties of leather as closely as possible. It is ideal for practicing basic skills. Various types of pre-cut cuts will help you work out all the necessary seams. The depth of the cuts is 13 mm. The 1 cm thickness of the back side also allows this part of the simulator to be used as a stand-alone simulator without incisions.

The compact size of the trainer makes it mobile and convenient for training anywhere. The material is strong and durable: there are imperceptible marks on it after exercise and you will use it again and again for a long time! The material is easy to clean and does not get your hands dirty.

Product characteristics:

• length - 170 mm

• width - 120 mm

• height - 23 mm

Since all items are handcrafted, there may be slight deviations in weight and size.


A set of tools manufactured by the company (Pakistan).

The set includes:

• needle holder

• tweezers

• scissors

• surgical scalpel with plastic handle

The gift includes 3 rechargeable needles of different sizes and 2 threads.


The appearance of the product may differ from the illustrations presented in the online store.


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